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Psion Revo

Revol is a Linux Distribution for the Psion Revo.

Please note: this is designed for the original Revo, although it runs on the Revo+ as well. If you have a Revo+ or a Diamond Mako, you may wish to try this distribution instead which makes use of the extra memory to fit some useful things in. It will probably not run on the 5MX. If you have a 5MX, you may wish to try the Psilinux project which is developing a distro.

Version 1.1 is available for download! I have managed to fit quite a few programs into the Revos memory. Please feel free to try this out and send comments/suggestions/queries to me.

Version 2.0 is under development and unlike previous versions will be package based using spkg. You can browse a list of packages here.

Simon Howard.
I am not associated with Psion Digital.